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Court of the Dead

Sep 21, 2013

Hot Toys 1966 Batman and Robin

Plenty of girls and bands and slogans and lots of hoopla, but remember, no politics. Issues confuse people - once said by The Penguin!!

Well we certainly not confused about who these two are, long awaited release of the official pictures was made public last week, and by the orders I’ve had, its sure did not disappoint!

Based obviously on the 1966 Batman and Robin, Hot Toys have done a fantastic job on these great sculpts of Adam West and Burt Ward.

I’m sure we all remember watching the series when we was younger, a far cry from the Nolan era of Batman but nostalgia is a wonderful thing!

Listing the specs of each will take up too much space, but pics below shows what you get.  USA Canada customers go to Sideshow, UK and EU head to OneSixthBruce

Thanks you for reading and KAPOW!!!

Wai Man


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