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Court of the Dead

May 20, 2013

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Baby Hemlock by Loz Hausofboz

You hardly see a custom Tokidoki Unicorno, but have to say that we should see more customs on this platform when I look at this excellent custom from Loz.

If you ever find yourself in the misty forests, near the bubbling bogs, or the steamy swamps, there's a chance you'll catch a glimpse of Baby Hemlock.
She's one of the last few surviving unicorns, and keeps herself hidden among the most quiet and overgrown parts of the woodland, singing songs and playing with the other animals.

If get lost out there, she can tell you which plants are safe to eat, but don't expect a ride back to town though. She'll bring you out in terrible toxic blisters with a touch.

Baby Hemlock is a custom Tokidoki Unicorno, with hand sculpted parts and fine acrylic and gloss paintwork, with UV resistant finish.

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