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Court of the Dead

Sep 19, 2012

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"Lottie the metal girl: Circa 1886" by deeten

DeeTen made this excellent piece for the upcoming "Two-Faced show" in October.

"The expedition into the parallel world in 1886 discovered a world where clockwork and steam power were perfected into highly sophisticated technologies. Along their trip they saw many mechanical marvels; a floating city, massive airships, as well as mechanical people!  Lottie was a girl saved from an early grave by the modern day technology of her time and dimension. The notes in the expedition claim she was a very kind and adventurous soul, always testing the limits of her metal body. They even noted her strange habit of chewing on pocket watches, which they claimed were like biscuits to her. Being an explorer herself she wanted to join our 1886 expedition on their return from her parallel universe. Little did we know when the hole between the universes was closed, all of our gifts from the people, artifacts, and technology ceased to function. Lottie remains frozen and non functional exactly how she was when the portal closed in 1886."

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