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Court of the Dead

Feb 6, 2012


Plaseebo custom Garamon for GAGAMANIACAL show

Plaseebo sends us images of his latest masterpiece:

Here is my custom Garamon for the GAGAMANIACAL show that opens this Friday February 10th at FOE Gallery (Northampton, MA).

14" high glow in the dark vinyl with inset eyes and an internal color changing LED unit that has a "metal controller rock"  located in the modified back of his head that functions as the switch to turn the Led unit on and off. He also comes with his bud, The Skulloctopus From Outter Space, a 3 1/2 high clear vinyl custom with glass eyes and a switched LED unit in his head. Both pieces in the set are hand panted and signed.

Bob's work is fucking nuts.  This is a 14 inch high figure in GID vinyl, which also has an internal color-changing LED. Meaning, this thing glows in two ways. Nuts.

I think Bob is from outer space. What a cool dude.


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