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Court of the Dead

Jul 29, 2011

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3A Adventure Kartel Retailer Ankou preorders running out

Only 1 or 2 preorders left for Ankou Johnson (above). Starting to run out of Tommy Red as well (below). Ship date of these excellent 1/6-scale figures is Nov/Dec of this year. They're $90 each but we're offering you the option of just sending us a small non-refundable deposit of $15 per figure that will lock in your order. Balance not due till the figures are ready to ship. 
Click here to buy these and other excellent 3A toys in our 3A section.
Why don't you see preorders for all 8 of the Retailer Adventure Kartel figures in our shop? Because we offer them for sale privately to people on our email list first. Thus, the more rare and desirable figures go to people on our email list, saving them the trouble of scouring the internet and fighting for Ankous, Penumbras and Shadows. Click here to sign up!


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