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Court of the Dead

Jun 8, 2010

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SNEAK PEEK: Skelanimals 2.5-inch Qee Series 1 by Toy2R

Series 1 will feature the Skelanimals characters Chungkee and Marcy as the platforms for design. Series 2, planned for the winter, will feature Dax, Kit and Jack, all in Qee form. And just like regular Qees, each figure will include a keychain attachment!

Series 1 will include designs by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Reactor 88, Julie West, Lunabee, Frank Mysterio, Jim Koch, Chauskoskis and Voltaire. There will also be variant chase versions inserted randomly in the 25pc counter displays, as well as original classic styles of each Skelanimal character.

Toy2R expects to drop Series 1 of the Skelanimals Artist Qee Collection in late July to early August. Early word has it that there will be some exclusive pre-launch figures available during this year’s SDCC event to wake the dead! And of course we'll have some for sale in our Toy2R Qee section. Expect the blind boxed assortment to retail for about $9.99 each.


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