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April 3, 2012

Josh Mayhem White Rabbit with Deathray custom Bellicose Bunny

Josh Mayhem presents his addition to the custom Bellicose Bunny show at Toy Art Gallery entitled "The White Rabbit w/ Deathray". This creature from the Wonderland Forrest of the future is late for a very important date.... with whoopin' some ass! 

Heavily armed with a Deathray, helmet mounted machine gun, and transforming pulse cannon (which actually does transform!) you may just welcome a decapitation from the Red Queen if this unpunctual bunny has you in his sites.

This newest addition to Josh Mayhem's Askew Rangers is sold and accounted for, but you can find more of this custom toy series available at here.

Josh is currently available to take commission work and can be reached through his website here.

To buy your own Bellicose Bunny figure to display or customize, click here.