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Jun 26, 2017

Kickstarter: Up Up Away Kyoot by Designer Toy Collective

One of Lisa Rae Hansen's creations, Kyoot, is currently on Kickstarter, hoping to get funding to be turned into vinyl. Launched by the recently formed Designer Toy Collective, the Kyoot campaign needs some love. With a modest $12,500 campaign goal, the Kyoot campaign has roughly 2 weeks left to raise around $8K of the total goal. So, if you are reading this post, make a pledge and if you can't pledge any amount, just share the Kickstarter info. Spreading the word goes a long way to get campaigns funded.

About the Up Up Away Kyoot Campaign:
“Up Up Away Kyoot” is a self-appointed super hero fighting for all things cute. With a homemade costume, a K sewn on his chest, he climbed up onto the biggest box he could find, and blew the biggest bubble he could blow. All in the hopes that he would take off into the sky in search of action and adventure.
Created by Artist Lisa Rae Hansen aka I Break Toys - - Up Up Away Kyoot is 4 " tall on his own but a full 7" once perched upon his trusty box. The original resin is shown below and this Vinyl reproduction will be an exact replica. There will be a Kickstarter exclusive colorway in Green/Black and additional colorways announced as the campaign progresses.
Both Lisa & The Designer Toy Collective are incredibly excited about this project and are very confident in our ability to bring it to life. All we need is help from you to get started!
Take the time to watch to promo video, then head on over to Kickstarter and check out all the available rewards. Everything from a Kyoot Pin to a custom Kyoot by one of several different artists, is up for grabs. It's great to see that other artists are offering up some custom creations as rewards, to help get this Kickstarter funded.


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