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Feb 21, 2017

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Getting Up: Steff Bomb's New Licensed Plush Line for Project Raygun

Getting up is pretty easily defined for a writer or graff artist: get your artwork up there on the train, or on the wall, or wherever, for everyone to see. That's the definition of success.

When you're a plush artist like Steff Bomb, how do you "get up"? What's that even mean for someone whose medium is plush?

Well, here's one answer: Steff Bomb was tapped by USAopoly's Project Raygun to develop a fully licensed line of her plushes (Steff's style, USAopoly's licenses) to be sold under the Project Raygun banner. That must be what "getting up" means for a plush artist. Cool video below:

Most of you have probably figured out by now that I (Benny) really don't make much money selling art toys and collectibles. But what keeps me going and fuels my fire is seeing indy artists like Steff Bomb get up and get recognized for their talent and vision. When an indy artist I've been working with for years finally gets a big break, a big deal that actually means some steady money coming in, THAT is what makes it all worthwhile for me. That's why I promote indy artists, sell their pieces in my shop, blog endlessly about all their work, represent artists at shows, brainstorm with and advise artists whenever they ask me to, and yes, that is why I place indy plush, resin and handmade collectibles next to the Funko POPs in my shop. Every time a new person discovers an indy artist, we celebrate a small victory.

When a hundred small victories turn into a major win, like this one Steff is experiencing now, we all win. Proof that with hard work, and dedication, and sacrifice, indy artists can establish themselves and find ways to pay the bills with their art.

Big ups to Steff Bomb, and big ups to all of you indy artists struggling and hoping and working all the time. Keep it up, stay positive, make friends, be approachable, don't cop an attitude, be open to making those connections. You never know who you might meet, and who THEY may know, and which big companies might be taking notice.

Press Release:

USAopoly, Inc. is excited to announce a collaboration between the company’s Project Raygun division and Steff Bomb, an artisan plush crafter based in Los Angeles.

This new partnership will take Steff’s creations out of art galleries and television series— like TLC’s Craft Wars— and put high end, soft prop plush collectibles into the hands of collectors, cosplayers, craft enthusiasts, and pop culture fans alike.

Check out the full Project Raygun / Steff Bomb press release here.

- Benny Kline


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