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Court of the Dead

Jul 1, 2015

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Kickstarter - Rivals: Masters of the Deep

The guys over at World of Rivals are expanding the Rivals brand by creating a miniature boardgame, based around the Rivals story. Rivals: Masters of the Deep is a tactical 2 or more player game set in the depths of the Lurk. Many people may recognize the Rivals characters from previously successful Kickstarters, which were funded to create art toys. The latest Kickstarter from the World of Rivals is to fund  the miniatures board game Rivals: Masters of the Deep. With a funding goal of $40k, as of this blog posting, the Kickstarter has already raised more than half the amount. With early bird pricing of the game set to a reward level of $75 plus shipping, if all 500 early bird spots were to be spoken for, the Kickstarter would be really close to reaching the set $40k goal. One of the good things about the World of Rivals' Kickstarters is that they always think about stretch goals. This time around, each stretch goal beyond the initial funding goal, introduces more figures that will be included for rewards above the Early Bird Level (or above $75 pledged). Head on over to the Rivals: Masters of the Deep Kickstarter page to check out all the wonderful figures and read about the story. Make a pledge, spread the word and get this Kickstarter funded asap.


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