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Court of the Dead

Nov 28, 2014

Blazon Brikhaus — Baby Timber now up for sale

Liz writes:  This adorable Baby Timber "Groot" is a resin piece casted and molded from an original Sculpture. He Stands 7' T x 4" W and holds an adorable blazon flower bud. Instead of going with the typical baby groot in a pot I thought it would be cute to create him as a mini version of his larger self. As with any original sculpts or customs, there are always slight imperfections and each one may vary slightly since they are all painted individually and by hand. It's a great value for it's size and paintwork. I intentionally made this first resin release affordable and attainable. If this first release goes well, my goal is to continue to create original sculptures and future resin releases, as original sculptures can be labor intensive and expensive for collectors.

Click here to order the Blazon Brikhaus — Baby Timber


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