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Nov 16, 2009

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Toy2R announces 5 new finishes for the 8-inch Wood Qees

Due to popular response from collectors and fans, Toy2R announces the addition of 5 new Wood Style Finished 8" Qees. The first series of 2.5" and 8" Wood Qees tagged with Toy2R's logo on the chest have since sold out. Listening to requests from collectors - Toy2R has opted to release these new finishes without the logo to capture a true Wood Grain look perfect for any decor.

The new releases feature original finishes of regular wood grain looks in both light and dark versions. The newer added Qees feature the wood finish of Sapele Wood - a reddish-brown wood that in many ways is very similar to Mahogany. Available now in light and dark matte finishes - but also a dark version available in high gloss!

All five versions are the feature release Qees launching Toy2R into its 15th Anniversary in 2010.

Each 8" Qee comes boxed and is ready for display.

Not your typical yule log!

As always, email us if you are interested in securing one or all of these for yourself. The distributor is taking orders now in anticipation of the 2010 release.


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