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August 20, 2014

Mini Mirth by Triplikid

Following a successful release with the full sized Mirth figure, Triplikid has released the Mini Mirth to the masses! Produced by Mana Studios, each piece is 2.5" of cast solid resin. These wonderful pieces are available now from the Triplikid online store and sell for $20 each plus shipping. There is a flat shipping charge on these pieces, set to $5 for US and $13 for international shipping. This means, the shipping charge is the same for 1 Mini Mirth or a bunch of Mini Mirths. Head on over and pick up a few of these pieces and maybe even a full size Mirth while there are some still available.

August 19, 2014

Teddy Paul custom by dust aka David Stegmann

The most recent custom by dust is already sold to a private collector.

  • "Teddy Paul"
  • height: 32cm
  • Materials: Epoxy and Vinyl
  • Made of three different platforms: a munny (8inch) a dude  and as well the Ted platform dust designed for dudebox.
  • The coloring is made of spraypaint and acrylic.

Custom of the Month (The Customizers FB-group)

The custom of the past month (May) of The Customizer group on Facebook is...
customizer: Brandon Benson (Reverend Bonobo)
"Mummy Cat Trikky"

You can find the wonderfull work from Brandon here: Deviantart

Hoodsbee: The Hoodie That Becomes A Plush Toy - Back the Kickstarter!

 Hoodsbee is an innovative hoodie that transforms into a plush friend... or a plush friend that transforms into a hoodie. With Hoodsbee, there are so many options. This unique patented technology allows your little one to carry their travel plush buddy, put it on when it is cold, fold it back up into a plush and use it as a head pillow for when they are tired. It's as easy as 1,2,3! Fold, roll and snap! Now, not only do you have a pillow and a travel companion, but you also have a nicely wrapped up hoodie that is easy to store or travel with.

The best part about this new product is that it is being developed and produced by a friend of mine from college- a great guy with a lot of excellent ideas. Hoodsbee is being funded via a Kickstarter, and there's only 8 more days to go! I backed for 2 Hoodsbees for my niece and nephew. I'm stoked to see this one through! So get on it, people! Many more pics, info and videos on the Kickstarter page

August 18, 2014

Monster Kolor Custom Show & Pinstriping Demo at PIQ: Photo Roundup

 Our Saturday afternoon custom show opening at PIQ in Grand Central Terminal was really fun and brought out a big crowd of both locals and some out-of-towners! Matt Walker and MCA drove down from Boston to demo the Monster Kolor products by way of live pinstriping and customizing.

All pieces in this show were painted in Monster Kolor paint- you can pick up your own MK paint products here in their shop. Roderick from Toymasters Video Magazine showed up and conducted some interviews. Really fun show. Thanks to everyone who came out and showed up. All pieces from this show which do not sell in-store at PIQ will come back to our warehouse and go up for sale on our website in about 3 weeks. For the time being, if you are passing through Grand Central over the next few weeks, please do walk into the Shuttle Passage and go check out these pieces in PIQ. Take pics and tweet! Tag us @tenacioustoys and @monsterkolor and we will RT!

For 100+ pics of this show, click here!

By the way, PIQ now has Monster Kolor paint markers (same ones used by MCA in his demo) in-store to purchase, in case you're local and you want to take a crack at customizing your own toy!

August 17, 2014

Get Your Chisel On! Fo Chisel Wooden Figures

These adorable hand-made toys are the chisel. Fo' Chisel! Available in both 6" wood and 4" resin versions, Fo' Chisel are handmade in Italy with great care and attention to detail, before being sent to the UK for retail sale.

The pine wood is from a renewable forest in the Dolomites (Northern Italy). It's initially machined and then hand-finished by a craftsman in the factory nearby to where it's grown. - Fo' Chisel

Fo' Chisel is available here, and makes for a nice display piece on its own. The vinyl face decal is removable,  making them a fun platform for carving, painting, and customizing a design of your own.

Jon-Paul Kaiser Custom Fo' Chisel

 You can follow along Fo' Chisel's Instagram @fochisel for more views of how these little fellas are produced, played with, and customized by artists. Orders of the 6" Wooden figure placed today (08/17) will receive a bonus resin 4" version! Collect yours here.

August 16, 2014

Jason Freeny GID Radioactive Skull Bomb at Mighty Jaxx

 Radioactive Skull Bomb.
  • 100% Glow in the dark goodness
  • 7.5" polystone art figure
  • Blister packed in custom box
  • Limited Edition of 50pcs
  • $79 ea
An original sculpt by popular artist Jason Freeny, the new edition is now available at our website. Limited to only 50pcs worldwide, this designer figure emits a bright green glow when you charge it with light. In daylight, the body is off-white with a red stripe. Click the link below:
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