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October 22, 2014

Dopey - Custom Jammie by Don P

One of Don P's, aka Patrick Lippe, most recent pieces is a custom Lil' Jammie titled "Dopey". Using one of Fuller Designs' Lil' Jammie figures, Don P created a re-sculpted head, while keeping the rest of the initial figure intact. Complete with dreadlocks and a type of smoking piece, the added paint and details were not enough for Don P. Don P's solution was to ask his wife to create a knitted cap for the custom, which does complete the overall look of this custom Lil' Jammie figure. Since this piece seems to be a commissioned one, it is not for sale. However, anyone interested in his/her own commissioned Don P custom should contact him for more info.

Pavomen the PeafOwl - Custom Painted by Toy Terror

Rich Sheehan, artist of Toy Terror, recently completed a custom creation using a Coarsetoys' Omen figure. Titled "Pavomen the PeafOwl", this custom Omen figure is painted to be disguised as a "cunning and colorful peacock". This was a commissioned piece, so it's not available, but anyone interested in a custom piece should contact Rich Sheehan at Toy Terror and get on his commission list.

The Man Inside - Custom Kozik Bust by Kevin Gosselin

More than a year after launching a successfully funded Kickstarter to produce the Dead Kozik bust, artist Kevin Gosselin is working his way through his custom Dead Kozik bust list. With 4 Kickstarter backers opting for the Custom Dead Kozik bust reward, Kevin had a good amount of work to put in. His latest custom Dead Kozik bust is titled "The Man Inside". Essentially sculpting over half of the bust, Kevin recreated the flesh version of Frank Kozik. The end result is an amazing Jason Freeny-esque piece, which will definitely make a collector pretty happy.


Oh, like with many of Kevin's projects, he decided to make a mold of the sculpt. It's quite possible for Kevin to create more of these customs in the future. Stay informed by following Kevin on his various social media sites, or better yet, keep an eye on Kevin's website.

3A Adventure Kartel Action Portable 1/12-scale figures up for preorder now

 We now have all 14 of 3A's 1/12-scale Action Portable figures up for preorder on our website. I just paid them yesterday so once that payment clears, these items are shipping to us via Express from HK. I figure an arrival date of around Halloween-ish. These are 6-inch-tall figures priced at $45 each- a bargain as far as 3A is concerned.

I ordered VERY limited quantities so if you're looking for a specific figure (esp Cherry Bomb, Bleak Mission or Cold Merde) please don't wait... I don't expect many of these to last long. Buy 3 or more of them and get free shipping in the US.

On a related note, I've dropped the price on the 2 different Michonne's Pet 1/6-scale figures to $100.

October 21, 2014

MAD Toy Store Royal Sale

Kansas City not only produces some top notch sports teams, the city also is the home to a bunch of awesome artists. In 1985, the Kansas City Royals beat the St. Louis Cardinals 4 games to 3. Definitely a great series. Fast forward 29 years, not only did the Kansas City Royals finally make it to the playoffs after a 29 year drought, they are playing for all the marbles in the 2014 World Series. Now back to artists. KC based artist MAD is having a "Royal Sale!" to commemorate the Royals playing in the 2014 World Series. For as long as the 2014 World Series lasts, customers can use the promo code "RoyalKC" to receive 29% off his/her order. With KC on a nice undefeated Playoff run, having won every 2014 playoff game up to this point, MAD's sale will last at least until Saturday, October 25th. This is a perfect opportunity to add one or more pieces from MAD. Go Royals!

Coarsetoys Custom PAW by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest completed commission is a Star Wars/Eastern themed Coarsetoys PAW. When working on custom figures, Jon-Paul likes it when details of the original figure, or sculpt, can be seen. With nearly all of the original sculpt kept from the PAW figure, Jon-Paul wanted to re-sculpt the head of the PAW figure to look more like the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet. Jon-Paul not only succeeded at creating the helmet, he was also able to work in parts of the original sculpted head, albeit the ears were lopped off. Overall, the completed piece is simple and clean, with tons of detail on both of the arms of the figure. When Jon-Paul took the completed figure to be photographed by Justin Allfree (who does all the photography for Jon-Paul's work), Justin loved the piece so much that he got a bit carried away with all the photos he took. Be sure to keep an eye on Jon-Paul's social media pages for more shots of the Stormtrooper PAW, especially the detail shots of the arms.

Custom Coarsetoys PAW by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Coarsetoys PAW by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
Custom Coarsetoys PAW by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree

Custom Coarsetoys PAW by Jon-Paul Kaiser, p.c. Justin Allfree
For all those interested, Jon-Paul Kaiser is most likely still taking commissions, so be sure to get in contact with him for more info.

New KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES Store

Kris Dulfer just launched a brand online new store front for KiD iNK iNDUSTRIES and has stocked it FULL of new stuff.  There's NYCC 2014 exclusives, custom painted vinyl, and crazy sofubi pieces. From G.I. Joe customs to Mountain displays for your minifigures to custom painted He-Man playsets!

And for my fellow vapers, a whole rainbow of Vape Snails.  Four inch tall resin snails with a custom drilled hole to hold your mod!  Just tell him what size or model and he'll get you set up with a new home for your vape!