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Court of the Dead

Feb 17, 2015

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Rise of The Beasts by Little Rubber Guys

Plastic Imagination launched a new line of articulated PVC figures called Rise of the Beasts. Starting off with 2 different figures, in a multitude of colors and paint schemes, the Rhino and Scorpion are just the start. With 4-5 points of articulation, the figures stand at 60mm and are priced at $7 for painted figures, while the unpainted versions sell for $4 each. The joints utilize Glyos style pegs, although are not meant to interchange with other Glyos figures. To make collecting a bit more interesting, each figure comes with a Proof of purchase sticker which can be redeemed for a limited edition figure. It takes 10 proofs of purchase stickers to redeem one of the limited edition figures, but ordering 10 or more figures will automatically get one of the mail away figures included in the purchase, in lieu of the stickers. Check out Rise of the Beasts for more info and to check out all the of the available color schemes and options.

Prototypes for the next Wave of beasts.


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