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Court of the Dead

Jun 27, 2014

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OG Impala MINI Sculptures by Arik Ehle

Arik Ehle, of Wild WestSide, is an artist who creates some great faux taxidermy mounts. Outside of his day job, working at Pixar, Arik is also an avid painter and sculptor who works on large original pieces, as well as smaller limited edition runs. Wild Westside is a brand that originated from a series of faux taxidermy pieces which feature a blend of the Wild West feel, with West Coast lifestyle. In the coming months, Arik will be releasing a few colorways of his OG Impala Mini sculpture. At 1/3 scale of the regular pieces, these Minis will be priced at $60 plus any shipping involved. Measuring in at 9"x5"x7", these OG Impala Minis are a great representation of the larger OG pieces.

The first colorway, Ivory, will be made available on June 27th via the Wild WestSide website. This piece will make a great base for other artists to paint and make unique. The GID version will be the second release, expected to happen at SDCC. While the Onyx version will be released in August. Each edition will be limited to 20 pieces and is made from wood, resin and acrylic. Who knows, if these OG Impala Minis are a success, there might be other minis created in the future.
OG Impala Mini and Original - Arik Ehle Facebook
Note, as of this post, the Ivory OG Impala Mini is available to pre-order on the Wild WestSide website, expected to ship after July 7, 2014.
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