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Court of the Dead

Mar 27, 2014

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Kanji Toys Transform into Animals

   Yet another weird toy from Japan is here to fascinate us all.

These transforming toys called Mojibakeru Kana are marketed as learning toys for kids and classrooms. They are kanji that transform into whatever they spell out.

   Right now it's a series of mostly animals, but Bandai plans to release other types of these toys later this year.

Mojibakeru Kana Golden Dragon Kanji
Mojibakeru Kana Dragon
Mojibakeru Kana Dino kanji

Mojibakeru Kana Dinosaur
Mojibakeru Kana Gorilla and Bird

I'm not sure how educational these toys are but I'll sure use that as an excuse to buy them all!

-XOXO Otaku Milf (AKA Shonuff)


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