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March 15, 2013

Latest works from JRAD

Love JRAD's work. It looks clean and it has a very cartoony feeling to it. Reckon that you guys will love his work too. He is currently open for commission, so hit this guy up!
The 2 Hello Kitty figures were for the Hello City show at Art Attack SF on March 1st and 2nd. Both figures I incorporated my widow character into. The larger 9"figure was a coin bank while the smaller 5" a pencil holder that I filled in with sculpey and made a solid head. The 9" figure sold opening night while the smaller figure that I started live at the gallery on March 2nd is still available. Check out the gallerys website for more info.

Love this Kidsmokey 3 inch Bot....
Follow JRAD here:

Instagram @ratedrad
 -Don P