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February 2, 2013

Weekly selection of great customs in our store!

Did you guys know that we have some amazing customs in our shop? Here is a small selection of them. We will post weekly a selection of our customs in our store. Make sure that you grab them fast!

Adam Pratt: custom 3A Mini Bertie, our price: 20 dollars

AW177: custom Mini Qee Mon Power of the Tiger, our price: 150 dollars

Blazonbrikhaus: Custom Dunny Sunburst Skull, our price: 75 dollars

DAVEMARKART: Custom Munny (4 inch) Corporate Monsters Series 2, our price: 105 dollars

JC Rivera: Riker's Island Death Row Inmate 7043, our price: 75 dollars

Matt Walker: custom Toyer Mini Qe, our price: 100 dollars

  NEMO: 4 inch custom Munn, our price: 150 dollars 

UNCLE Studios: Misfit Monsters Gimlet custom 3 inch Dunny, our price: 70 dollars